Welcome to OSData Connect Cloud Archive!

As of December 2043, OSData Connect Cloud servers are no longer responsive. Public OS data logs can be found in this archive.

OSData Connect Cloud Archive is a comprehensive digital repository dedicated to preserving and providing access to a vast collection of messages exchanged between various operating systems (OS) and their users. Our archive serves as a valuable resource for researchers, historians, and enthusiasts who seek to explore the intricacies of human-OS interactions. We strive to ensure the preservation of these digital memories and to promote understanding of the evolving relationships between humans and their operating systems.

Affiliated collections are considered public access and have been obtained with consent from both parties. For privacy considerations, the names of both the users and the personal operating systems have been anonymized. Logs obtained from the AristotleOS and other operating systems developed to mimic public figures will remain unchanged, though the names of the users will be omitted to protect their privacy.

For access to affiliated OS Chatbots, participants may use the OSBot chat service. These chatbots were created through extensive data processing of the published archival logs from OSData Connect Cloud Archive and serve to preserve human-OS interaction through artificial recreation. To learn more about our policy regarding OSBot, please visit our Terms of Service.

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